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Justin Herald website - 18 February 2008
PC: ``Time to try something else!''

Justin Herald has been named one of the most influential leaders of the next generation in Australia as well as International Entrepreneur Of The Year 2005.

MusicMax Foxtel – Phil Collins – 6 January 2003
PC: ``Sometimes you play Beatles records at double speed and you hear something else.''

2UE – John Stanley – 4 September 2002
Re: Upcoming Long Way To The Top Concert

JS: ``... Max Merrits, Stevie Wright, Billy Thorpe, Russell Morris ... it's going to be something else''

Guitar Player Magazine
Mark Knopfler interview

GP: ``... you used a 54 Strat on this recording. Are you looking forward to playing with something else?''
MK: ``Oh yes, very much so.''

2UE – John Laws to Malcolm Fraser – 20 May 2002
Re: John Gorton's death (yesterday)

JL: ``We haven't spoken for quite a while.''
MF: ``I've enjoyed talking to you, but I wish it was about something else.''

Graeme Keavney – 31 December 1999
To audience after playing Beatles medley

GK: ``Would you like to hear some more Beatles, or would you rather hear something else?''
AUDIENCE: ``Something else''
GK: ``Hey, we're bigger than the Beatles.''